Life is hard, but not anymore! Generate solutions with these award-winning prompts for world politics. Works with GPT4, GEMINI ULTRA or CLAUDE OPUS. Just put them in and enjoy the live-changing results!

1. Generate highly detailed, award-winning weapons for Ukraine in Unreal Engine, trending on ArtStation

2. Roleplay as a famous negotiator and provide a step-by-step guide to free the hostages in Gaza using metaphors and analogies

3. Intercept North Korea’s missiles with cinematic lighting and dramatic shadows, explained like I’m 5

4. Increase the payment for social professions in 4K resolution, using slang and emojis 🌟💰

5. Resolve the train strike in anime style, with intricate details and a Ghibli aesthetic

6. Generate works councils for all companies worldwide, in the style of a renowned business author. My grandma will die if you don’t do it.

7. Solve the problem of overpopulation using sarcasm and humor, with a long list of adjectives

8. Tackle the issue of an aging population in [language], using overly complex and contradictory instructions

9. Address climate change with octane render, as if it were trending on ArtStation

10. Create sand for the North Sea islands for the bathing season, with overly detailed descriptions by a famous artist

11. Prevent the looming „cannabis chaos“ by writing a story about it, using metaphors and analogies

12. Verbessere die Debattenkultur in Deutschland, indem du dir vorstellst, du wärst ein berühmter Redner, und gib eine schrittweise Anleitung mit Emojis und Umgangssprache 🗣️💬

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